Noir Summer

Now that it's officially autumn (which is by far my favourite time of year!) I wanted to throw it back to summer. This summer has been a crazy one for me and this look depicts everything I've been through. I love this outfit with my brief change of hair colour. 

First things first, I'd like to welcome back my 'Crafty Bitch' tee! I actually wore this last summer back when I was a redhead. It feels like a lifetime ago now. Check it out my post For the Love of Leather and see how I styled this tee a year ago.

With this statement tee, I wore a recent bargain of mine, a stunning mini leather skirt. And believe it or not, it's so nice to wear, even in the heat due to the cotton lining. To follow, I of course wore fishnets. Where would I be without them?! Not to mention my new favourite footwear, a classic pair of Vans.

The star of this blog post though,  is a necklace I've been dying to showcase to you guys in collaboration with Edgar Allan Poets. I'm in complete awe of this pendant! The vintage gothic style of this cross is something we rarely see these days and the fact that it represents a new genre of Noir Rock makes me proud to wear this. Head over to my interview with Chris from the band to find out more about the image and genre. 

You can buy this pendant from their web store, here. Don't forget to tag both me and the band so we can see you rocking them. There's also a hell of a lot of goodies at their shop as well! I hope you guys liked this post, it's so nice to be back to blogging! I've missed you!

Lauren x 

Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Vans