A Summer of Studs

The star of this blog post is my studded bra! It's been something I've been considering to buy for months and I finally made the move. This daring outfit has been my staple throughout July and I figured it was about time I share it with you.

I must admit, this was a difficult outfit to conjure up, studs can't be covered and a top this low cut is rare! Luckily this amazing maroon cami which was hiding in my wardrobe saved the day. The scoop neck ensured the studs weren't entirely covered up and made for a great colour to compliment my hair colour. 

I paired this with my favourite pair of shorts at the moment - I also finally have the chance to showcase my new tattoo to you guys! I'm in love with it - what do you think? 

I can't get enough of these boots, so I threw then on and added my favourite pair of sunnies! And viola. Next week I've got a surprise up my sleeve! If you follow me on my social media then you'll already know... 

Lauren x

Bra: Poizen Industries
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Topshop