An Interview with Paige of Mysticum Luna

I'm really happy to introduce to you the owner and creator of the brand Mysticum Luna. Everyone meet the beautiful Paige. By now, I'm sure you're aware of who Mysticum Luna are, I've featured their amazing accessories in a couple of my recent posts; Tartan Love Affair and Mystical being and if you follow me on Instagram/Facebook you'll know I can't get enough of them. 

So this week I'm sharing the interview I did with Paige. We talk about witches, fashion, a wedding and how Paige came to create Mysticum Luna. 

Paige, welcome to my blog! It's great to have you here!

Hi Lauren, thank you for having me, absolutely loving the styles you're showcasing!

I'd love to know more about the face and brains behind Mysticum Luna, tell me a bit about yourself?

Well.. where to start, I'm 22, I graduated in Music Journalism in 2014 and have put my heart and soul into this ever since. Music Journalism has always been my passion but I guess things change and here I am now, doing what I love for a living, it's overwhelming but very rewarding. I started Mysticum Luna in my bedroom when I lived in London and we've just opened our first shop two years on!

Where did the name Mysticum Luna come from and where did its journey start?

I'd just met my fiance and I turned to him one day and said, "I'd love to make jewellery, I can never find what I want online" and it all spiralled from there, he pushed me and gave me the inspiration to set up. I loved the name Mystic Moon and he said to try different languages, latin is such a beautiful language and Mysticum Luna just seemed to have a great flow (it can be stressful to spell on phone calls though).

I love that your products are handmade, where and how did you learn to create such amazing accessories?

Thank you! When I was a 8, I used to make friendship bracelets and sell them at school, when I was 10/11 I used to make greetings cards and sell those too, I've always been a creative soul and I guess it just happened naturally. As I mentioned I graduated in 2014 and I've now gone back to college to learn silversmithing and casting, the more I'm learning the more custom, bespoke pieces will be made which is the main aim!

What do you do when you aren't creating jewellery and accessories?

I'm literally at it 24/7 at the moment, the only other thing I've had time for lately is planning our wedding for June 2017, stressful!

I love your collection of clothing - do you have any more pieces on the way?

Our intern Olivia is working on clothing at the moment, she studied fashion at University so has a much greater knowledge. We have new pieces coming to the site each month and hopefully the collection will continue to grow.

If you could pick a witch that best describes you, who would it be and why?

Paige from Charmed (I wasn't named after her though, I'm the original haha) - She's fun, thinks outside the box and stubborn, me to a T.

What are your plans for 2016?

We have been working on some really exciting partnerships these last few months and hopefully these will be able to come to light shortly!

Thank you for joining me for this interview, it's been great having you!

Thank you Lauren!

Check out Mysticum Luna's online store here. And before I go, I'd like to congratulate Paige on her engagement! And I can't wait to see more of Mysticum Luna this year!

Lauren x