An Interview with Chris From Edgar Allan Poets

I'm excited to reveal that I met and interviewed Chris from the Noir Rock band Edgar Allan Poets. So if you're a fan of Poe, Hitchcock and rock music you'll love this interview. We talk about the up coming Poe Parade, Poe himself, Noir fashion and of course you'll find out everything you need to know about Chris and his story.

Hi Chris, thanks for sitting down with me for this interview! 

Thank you Lauren for inviting me and congratulations on your blog.

So tell me about yourself and your background!

I was born in South Africa where I spent the first years of my life. Son of a flight attendant and a geologist, I travelled a lot and moved to Algeria when I was 3 years old and then to Cortina d Ampezzo (Italy) and now Los Angeles (CA). In Cortina I started playing guitar, sing and composing my own music. I changed different bands before I met Lop Noor (Drums and Keys) together we started the Edgar Allan Poets.

I love your music and inspirations, What inspired you to start your band Edgar Allan Poets?

I always loved to compose my own songs, I was looking for something that I was not able to hear on the radios… so I decided to create that something. For me the process of composing is really fascinating.

I decided to call our band after this Master of literature because I have been inspired most of all by Poe’s atmospheres.When I’m reading an E.A.Poe’s poem or tale, it's like stepping in a dark room where you don’t know what’s inside. I’m always fascinated by the unpredictable twists of his stories and love the mood… I feel like walking in the fog. But what I like the most is that all this suspense is extremely romantic, I feel the big heart of Poe.

For me Poe is not there to scare you but he wants to give you a gift by sharing with you his fantasies and feelings. I am also inspired by Hitchcock and the old silent movies like Haxan, The Golem etc. My music tries to mix all these elements together and the result is what I like to call Noir Rock.

Do you have plans to take the genre Noir Rock to more levels? 

Yes, the Noir genre is not only a music genre, it's also a lifestyle. If you like poetry, old movies, the paintings of Francis Bacon, the forest, the fog, the clouds, the moon… we try to put all these things inside our songs. My idea is to develop a movement, the “Noir Culture” or “Noir Family”. I would like little by little to develop also a clothing line, gadgets and jewellery that could represent this niche. 

If Noir Rock was a form of fashion, what would it look like?

I love how the people dressed up in the 1800's - top hats, long coats, pocket watches. I would like to modernize that kind of style and mix it. I think that the main difference between Gothic and Noir is that Gothic, if you will, is more Fantasy/Horror, in my opinion Noir is more Classic/Terror. The perfect picture that represents our mood is Jack The Ripper walking on the streets of London by night. It’s kind of scary but also romantic like our music.

As a fan of Poe, I can't wait for The Poe Parade, tell me everything - dates, plans etc.

I just started a new project called the Poe Parade, we (Edgar Allan Poets) did a video, a song and a webpage for it. Basically we want the people who love Edgar Allan Poe to dance and sing for him around the world. Our goal is to organize a global parade to celebrate this incredible poet. 

We launched the project last week and the deadline to submit your short video is OCT 7th 2016 (Poe's anniversary). On the date we will be releasing a collage video done by editing together all the videos that the people have sent to us. A global celebration of Poe. 

Our official video the “Poe Parade” is featuring Robert Bang, Poe's lookalike.

How can myself and my readers get involved?

Would be great if you can spread the word out about this project among your friends and shoot your celebration video for Poe, you can even organize a group of people and dance over our song for 30 seconds.

You just go to the website, sign up and download the Poe Parade song for free. Once you are ready to film you video, you can do it directly on the Poe Parade webpage by clicking the video submit button. If you prefer to edit the video you can send it to us at .

Do you have any more up and coming projects?

Yes we will be filming our next video for our new single “ Vague Illusion”  in Venice  at the end of August. Stay tuned we plan to shoot the entire video from 11pm to 5am for one night in Venice. This will be beautiful and of course Noir. You can have updates about our next songs and videos by joining the Noir family.

It's been amazing getting to know you! I hope you enjoyed this interview.

Was great speaking with you, again congratulations for what you are doing, I love the vibes and atmospheres of you blog.

RAVENelly yours.

This was a really exciting collaboration for me. You may have noticed that my last few blog posts have been interviews! I'm really enjoying meeting so amazing people in the alternative world. So if there's anyone you would like me to interview, let me know.

Lauren x