Black Chiffon

Chiffon is the dark horse of my summer style. I've always steered away from it; associating it with blouses and a different generation, up until now. This outfit started with one hell of an Iron Fist find and just the other day, I picked up this gorgeous midi skirt off a sale rack.

I was skeptical about the skirt making me look even shorter than I already am, but I decided to take a risk and it's definitely paid off. The skirt itself is lightweight with an elastic band (and high waisted) which I think is perfect for those hot summer days we've been having in the UK. 

But here's the best part... It's like it was made for breezy weather as well - the movement the wind creates looks so pretty compared to shorter skirts that flash your underwear as soon as the wind picks up. (It's never a good day when I happen to flash the whole of Bristol on my way to work).

Now let's talk about the sleeveless blouse. Amazing, isn't it? I've been wearing it to work on a weekly basis and can't get enough of it. And when I paired it with the skirt, I knew I found an outfit I was crazy about. I love the classic skeleton print that iron fist are known for but I am crazy about the chiffon material. 

The one thing I really like about this look is its beyond versatile - you can wear it to work, to a date night, to the pub with friends or just on a summers day. Let me know what you think of the look by commenting below. I've also had my hair dyed (finally)! 

See you all soon.

Lauren x

Top: Iron Fist
Skirt: New Look