Eyeliner | Black to Red Gradient

Recently I've been experimenting with different make up products and due to going out of my comfort zone, I have created a really fun and colourful eyeliner look. I'm really excited to share my technique with you.

Using my Barry M gel eyeliner (also featured in my Christmas Beauty Haul | NYE Eye Make Up), I applied the black section of the look, stopping at about a quarter of the way from the corner of my eye. The gel eyeliner comes with its own applicator brush which is why I chose to apply it to the inner corner of my eye - it's the hardest spot to reach and thankfully the brush is angled to do so. 

The next step is colour and these two red shades aren't actually eyeliners, but lipsticks. This may sound out of the ordinary but both products are even easier to apply and include vegan based ingredients which won't irritate your eyes. 

When it came to applying these liquid lipsticks, I sourced a secret weapon; cotton buds.Be carefully not to dab too much product on your cotton bud otherwise your eyeliner will become too thick. I made that little mistake during my initial experiment.  

In order to make this look pop I chose to apply Kat Von D's everlasting lipstick in Outlaw to the middle of my eye and continued to the deeper colour of Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick, Unicorn Blood.

The wing of the eyeliner is definitely the most challenging aspect but aren't they always? In this case I would recommend using a triangular shaped cotton bud and the classic tape trick is always aids the perfect wing. Once your eyeliner is complete, apply some black eyeshadow to your lash line and put on your favourite mascara.

One of the best things about this look is that you can mix and match it with any colour you wish. And guess what? Both liquid lipsticks come in a huge variety of colours. I've created a
colour chart of a few of my favourites below. What colour combination would you pick?

If you try this look, I'd love to see your results. Have a lovely week!

Lauren x 

Eyeliner: Barry M | Liquid lipsticks: Kat Von D Beauty Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Eyeshadow: Stargazer | Mascara: Benefit