And Out Come The Wolves

This week I've put together the ultimate punk look which I built around my favourite piece of headwear at the moment; my Rancid bandana, and I'm loving the end result. This bandana features the album cover from Rancid's 3rd album 'And Out Come the Wolves' and although the print isn't entirely visible, I'm in love with the hint of red and white amongst the classic paisley print. This makes it stand out from any ordinary bandana. 

To compliment the red and black theme of the bandana I wore my black Harrington jacket which is lined with red tartan. I'm lucky to have been given an XXS as they seem to be in short supply almost everywhere - so I can't wait to wear this to death once spring hits. Nothing goes better with a Harrington than a pair of Dr martens, let alone a tartan pair lined with studs. I absolutely adore these limited edition boots and have barely taken them off. 

As you probably all know, I'm a big fan of chokers and crop tops, so when I found this gorgeous top combining the two, I was compelled to buy and blog about it. This made it the perfect candidate for my latest blog post. The strap detailing is something I've never seen before and I love the eyelet, leather and chain trim down the centre.

I usually find that the best combination with a crop top is high waisted jeans or shorts. That's why these grey denim shorts are a common favourite of mine, as featured in This SummerInspirational TeesThe DIY Band Shirt and Going Grunge.

To break the outfit up and even out the textures, I chose to wear black opaque tights, simple but flattering. I really like this look and I can't wait utilise each piece of clothing in a number of other looks! On another note, If you're looking for band merch including Rancid, Tim Timebomb and Friends, Cock Sparrer, Agnostic Front etc. I'd definitely recommend www.machetemfg.comThere's so much to choose from on their site, not to mention an amazing collection of women's clothing too. Check them out on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy shopping!

Lauren x 

Bandana: Machete MFG | Jacket: Unknown | Top: Boohoo | Shorts: New Look | Tights: New Look | Shoes: Dr Martens