Eyeliner | Black to Red Gradient

Recently I've been experimenting with different make up products and due to going out of my comfort zone, I have created a really fun and colourful eyeliner look. I'm really excited to share my technique with you.

And Out Come The Wolves

This week I've put together the ultimate punk look which I built around my favourite piece of headwear at the moment; my Rancid bandana, and I'm loving the end result. This bandana features the album cover from Rancid's 3rd album 'And Out Come the Wolves' and although the print isn't entirely visible, I'm in love with the hint of red and white amongst the classic paisley print. This makes it stand out from any ordinary bandana. 

1 Year Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my first blog post titled, Introduction and I can't believe it's been a year already! To celebrate my anniversary I've decided to reveal the story behind 'Lauren Vermillion' and I've incorporated this story into one of my favourite looks. 

An Interview with Mahafsoun

As this is my first post of 2016, I wanted to share something special I have been working on; an interview with Mahafsoun. Mahafsoun is a alternative fashion model and one of my many inspirations as a blogger. Her style, photographs and individuality instantly caught my eye and this week, I interviewed and got to know the dark haired beauty.