Christmas in Belgium

Hat: Topshop | Coat: New Look | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Dr Martens

It's just 12 days until Christmas which calls for another seasonal post and this week I took a trip to Brussels, Belgium which is the home of Christmas (and beer). And as soon as I saw the amazing gothic architecture in the city, I couldn't wait to shoot a blog post.

I took a stroll around grand place (stopping at the beer museum along the way) and aimed to capture as much of the rural beauty as I could. For the post, it was as much about the background as it was about my outfit. Fashion wise I had no choice but to wear something practical rather than 'fashionable' because it was so bitter outside - but that didn't stop me choosing to wear my favourites.

I've always been a fan of winter hats and have quite a big collection but nothing beats a black bobble hat; it goes with every outfit, every hair colour and in this case, it matches my hair and coat perfectly. You may have noticed that my coat is actually from my December Wishlist which I posted last week. I love it even more than I thought I would and the colours of the coat compliment my new hair experiment down to a t.

To me, jeans were the only option on this trip to Belgium. There's no chance I would have worn leggings or tights so I packed my favourite black skinnys. These jeans are also made with elastic, making them easy to move in and a dream to put on. I've had them for years now and still haven't needed to buy a new pair.

To avoid the cold even more, wearing my DM's was the icing on the cake. I'd definitely recommend wearing flats if you're more of an explorer because there's nothing worse than wearing heels on cobbled streets.

If you're a lover of Christmas just as I am, you should definitely take a trip to Brussels. I've never seen anything like it or tasted chocolate so good. It's also the ideal place for ultimate Christmas shopping!
Lauren x