My Top 3 Red Lipsticks

Red is without doubt one of my favourite colours to wear, particularly a red lip. I love how a simple lipstick can instantly brighten up both my make up and outfit; I always use lipstick to add colour into my typical dark looks. This has led me to write something a little different this week. Recently I've decided to do more make up posts and today I wanted to focus on my favourite products.

I have 3 favourite lipsticks (hence the title) and they are Rimmel London's lip lacquer in the colour Big Bang, Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in the colour Outlaw and Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick in the colour Unicorn Blood. I love the Rimmel London brand because it's affordable and can be bought at pretty much any shop (even in my local village shop)! Applying is really easy and sharp lines are definitely achievable. The lip lacquer is in my top 3 because not only does this lipstick leave you with a high gloss finish, but it can also leave you with a matte one too.
I find if you blot your lips with tissue, the gloss is removed and a stained red lip is left behind. This is ideal for those who don't cope well with sticky lipsticks. It also has a really sweet aroma which I don't know about you, but only makes me want to wear a lipstick more.
A Kat Von D lipstick always seemed like an unachievable product for me because I live in the UK. That's why I'm so grateful for international shipping because I can't live without this one - no doubt you have already seen me wearing my everlasting lipstick in some of my other posts. The colour Outlaw is the most striking red I've seen and looks even bolder once applied. The applicator is rather small which in my case requires more focus, but this just means I'm less likely to mess it up.
The texture is a thin gloss which soon sets into a gorgeous matte finish. I love matte lipsticks because they are so much more practical - you can eat, drink and not even think about reapplying until the end of the day.
I also recently bought Jeffree Star's velour liquid lipstick. I fell in love with Jeffree's cosmetics when he released them via Instagram and the more they populated my feed the more my desire grew. The applicator is a good size making it really easy to use. As the lipstick sets, Unicorn blood gets darker and darker - I love it.
The deep red colour is perfect for autumn and is on the top on of my list for my autumn make up palette. This product is very similar to Kat Von D's liquid lipstick; my favourite similarity they share is that you can barely feel them on your lips due to the non-sticky matte finish, in fact it feels like you haven't applied anything at all.
If you haven't tried these products yet, I'd highly recommend them. Even if you're not much of a lipstick wearer like me, these lipsticks will certainly change your mind.
Lauren x 

Apocalips Lip Lacquer: Rimmel London | Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: Kat Von D Beauty | Velour Liquid Lipstick: Jeffree Star Cosmetics