Kat Von D Inspired Make Up

It's been a while since I've published a make up post so here's one of my absolute favourite looks. It took a bit more concentration than normal, but at the end of the day, doesn't winged eyeliner always require 100% attention? This make up from my eyes, my blusher and to my lips, is entirely inspired by Kat Von D. I've been watching Miami and LA ink for as long as I can remember and I've always admired Kat's make up, so when she brought out a make up line I was over the moon. Then the tutorials and the make up inspiration came flooding in through my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and that's when this certain eyeliner look caught my eye. 

I started with the eyeliner first, I know most people start with eye shadow but I think it's much easier to leave the eye shadow until the eyeliner is applied. My reason is simply - if you make a mistake you can easily rectify it without making a mess of the eye shadow in the process. I applied my usual cat eye; my technique isn't anything special, I began at the inner of my eyelid and worked my way down to the corner of my eye. Meanwhile, trying to apply the eyeliner as even as possible. I try to get a balance where it's not too thick or too thin. This really depends on what you think best suits your eyes. A good tip when adding eye shadow on top, is to keep your eyeliner width to the minimal - this leaves more room for the eye shadow to look much more effective. 

Once this section was done I began on the wing of my eyeliner. My favourite angle to go for is only very slight. I like to use my bottom lash line as a guide so it doesn't look too exaggerated and in this case, I toned it down even more to give me some more space for the upper curved line. This is where the challenging part comes in. 

I slightly angled the tip of my eyeliner so the line would become thinner, this gave me a more precise line to make. To get the shape I used the crease of my eye as a guide and apart from the hilarious concentrated faces I was making, it actually turned out really well. When it came to the eye shadow I used a light nude as the base then built it up with a light brown at the crease of my eye and then a medium brown colour which I added on top. I then blended this all together to create a smooth looking finish.

For the blusher and tried to find a colour reminiscent of the eye shadow and the colour that Kat is wearing in the image above. I don't think a bronze colour necessary suits my pale skin tone, but it definitely works perfectly with this entire look.

Finally I applied Kat Von D's very own everlasting liquid lipstick in underage red. It really is the perfect lipstick and it sets as soon as you apply it. I love the matte finish it leaves but the best part is the fact that you can't feel it at all. This was such an ideal way to top the look off. And there you have it, my Kat Von D inspired make up. I hope this makes you realise how easy eyeliner can be and how, with a bit of concentration you can manipulate it into any shape you wish. If you have a go yourself, id love to see the results. 

Until next week,

Lauren x 

Eyeliner: Mua | Eye shadow: Stargazer | Blusher: Rimmel London | Lipstick: Kat Von D Beauty