Playing with Pentagrams

Dress: Kates Clothing
Lipstick: Kat Von D
Tights: Blue Banana
Shoes: Topshop

For  a while now I have admired this dress from afar and by afar I mean, online at Kates Clothing, so this dress was definitely a must have for my blog. Everything about this dress is the epitome of why  love alternative fashion; the intricate cut, the occult print and the dress as a whole is something of a rare combination and a great find. Hats off to Rat Baby for designing such a gorgeous piece of clothing.

There's so many exciting things I want to point out with this look, so let's work our way down. For my hair this week, I decided to create a half up/half down style, kind of like my last post but I wrapped some ribbon around it as well. This is so easy to achieve and will compliment any face shape and any type of hair.

With the make up side of things, I'm excited to announce a lip revelation. This dark cherry lip colour is the combination of 2 things. Kat Von D's red everlasting lipstick which I usually wear and black eye shadow. I know this may sound odd but believe me, it really works a treat. To prove I'm not raving mad and to share my excitement with you, I may even film a little tutorial. Further details will be shared on my social media pages so don't forget to give me like and a follow.

Now, let's start with the dress. The pentagram neckline is by far my favourite aspect of this entire ensemble. Until I found this dress, I hadn't seen anything like it and fell head over heels for it. It  even has a little clasp as the back so the pentagram shape is as emphasised as can be.

The next best thing has to be the material. It's almost like swimsuit material and I would go as far to say it could even be waterproof but I wouldn't suggest putting it to the test, just in case. Because of this great material, the bodycon style fits like a glove while emphasising anyone lucky enough to have curves.

I know I'm contradicting myself by saying that this is my favourite blog post to date but can you blame me? I  hope you like this look just as much as I do and you find some inspiration, it's what I'm here for.

I'll see you next week! In the meantime I would encourage you to browse through what Kates Clothing have to offer. I don't know about you, but I could wear absolutely every item they're selling.

Lauren x