The DIY Band Shirt

I think it's time I admit that my wardrobe is full of band shirts, old and new. I see this as good thing or at least I did, until I realised it would soon be all I have to blog about. But luckily I've got a lot more than band shirts up my sleeve, in the meantime I bring you another post about yet another tee. This time, I've decided to enlighten you guys about the DIY approach. 

I don't know about you but the genre of rock, metal, punk, hardcore etc. has a pretty male orientated audience which is reflected in the merch available. Frustrating as hell, right? It doesn't have to be. In the case of oversized band tees my go-to-plan is simple: Cut off the sleeves, layer over your favourite crop top and tuck the rest into some high waisted shorts. If, like me, you're lucky enough to have a boyfriend with amazing taste in music and an endless amount of band tees up for grabs, take full advantage of it and make them perfect for you.

Let's get back to the outfit. I wore a simple black crop top over this awesome Rancid tee, it's far too daring to go without one considering summer is still yet to arrive. I find most tops will work with an oversized shirt, it all depends on what you have in your wardrobe. Look out for bralet's, bandeau's, cami's and crop tops you can layer it up with. If you're feeling daring,  just throw the shirt on - anything works.

My favourite pair of high waisted shorts worked perfectly to hide the fact that this shirt hits just above my knee. I think it's a great technique to avoid the t-shirt turned dress look. I added a studded belt which cuts up the amount of black I'm wearing and finally, you'll see that the black DM's are back.

I absolutely love this look. I couldn't wait to get back in my comfort zone, wear what I love and share it with you. This outfit is limitless, any tee will work. Give it a go! I hope this has given you faith and inspiration to get creative with yours or your boyfriends, friends and hand me down band shirts.

Lauren x

Bandana: Urban Outfitters | Leather Jacket: Topshop | Band Shirt: N/A | CropTop: Topshop | Belt: Attitude Clothing | Shorts: Newlook | Shoes: Dr Martens