80's Glamour

The 80's to me, is at the pinnacle of 'vintage' fashion. It was the era of leather, fishnets, metallics and skin tight leggings - all of which I wear in a continuous weekly loop. Of course though, my view of the 80's isn't the mainstream view, I'm talking about the metal and rock version of the era. In fact, now I think about it, my wardrobe is virtually a collection of 80's throwbacks and because time travel is out of the question, my wardrobe and a Motley Crue album will always suffice.

For this outfit I went outside of the box and wore a dual chain choker and septum ring. I thought this post would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the jewellery I love to wear so that's exactly what I did. In my world there is only ever silver jewellery which happens to compliment this outfit really well, yay!

A scoop neck crop top with a leather jacket of the top go together amazingly, there's no doubting it, but the star of this outfit is my silver high waisted velvet hot pants. I've had my eye on these baby's for ages and finally bought a pair! Combining them with fishnets was only natural and wa la, you've got the perfect combo!

Committing to the metallic theme of this outfit, I applied some metallic blue lipstick which, I know is pretty out there but considering the likes of kiss, I think it's actually quite a toned down approach with a modern twist. I think it gives the look a pop of colour and draws out the jewellery, making it shine brighter than it would usually.

So by now, you've probably noticed a shift in these photos? Half way through this shoot I decided to change my hair into a messy bun to enhance what the wind hand already done; completely messed it up. As you can see, I literally shoved it up and tied it loosely, there was no technique involved this time.

When people I know and trust see me and ask "Is that really what you're wearing?" it just gives me confirmation that my outfit is striking and thankfully, I won't be walking out the door looking like any other ordinary person. You might see this and think to yourselves, wow, she's brave. Truth is, I'm actually a wimp, I'm just myself and simply wear what I personally like to. Join me, wear whatever the hell you want because god knows I do.

Lauren x

Septum Ring: Regal Rose | Nose Stud: Blue Banana | Lipstick: Stargazer | Necklace: Regal Rose | Jacket: Topshop | Crop Top: Topshop | Hotpants: Attitude Clothing (Widow) | Tights: Blue Banana