80's Glamour

The 80's to me, is at the pinnacle of 'vintage' fashion. It was the era of leather, fishnets, metallics and skin tight leggings - all of which I wear in a continuous weekly loop. Of course though, my view of the 80's isn't the mainstream view, I'm talking about the metal and rock version of the era. In fact, now I think about it, my wardrobe is virtually a collection of 80's throwbacks and because time travel is out of the question, my wardrobe and a Motley Crue album will always suffice.

The DIY Band Shirt

I think it's time I admit that my wardrobe is full of band shirts, old and new. I see this as good thing or at least I did, until I realised it would soon be all I have to blog about. But luckily I've got a lot more than band shirts up my sleeve, in the meantime I bring you another post about yet another tee. This time, I've decided to enlighten you guys about the DIY approach. 

Dark Florals

I know it's a day late but Happy Easter!
This year, the spring holiday has lead me to go outside of my comfort zone. I'm not usually into wearing florals, let alone pink florals but I've added my comforts (a leather jacket and some black heels) and now this dress is something I couldn't wait to show off. I bought this slip dress last summer - I'm always trying to find the perfect occasion to wear it and there's no better to time to go floral than Easter weekend.