Intricate Straps

My latest fashion infatuation is, can you guess? Straps.. and this maxi dress is the perfect example of why. The neckline, a simple v-next is brought to life by an overlapping of straps which draws your attention to the cut of the dress.

I thought this neckline gave me the perfect opportunity to pair it with a choker and pendant. This emphasises the area even more, yet it's still simple rather than overwhelmed with detail. I also took this opportunity to let my tattoos to come out and play - I couldn't wait until summer hits.

The straps at the back of the dress cross over one another, leaving the more intricate detail for the front, where I believe it should be. This dress can be formal or informal, depending on what ever it is that you are up to. Those kind of dresses are the best kind.

Keep your eyes peeled for some detailed strappy dresses/tops - I've seen so many I can't wait to get my hands on. Pay day can't come quick enough.

Lauren x

Dress: H&M | Choker: Topshop | Pendant: Urban Outfitters |Lip Gloss: Manic Panic