Extreme Eyes

Eyeshadow: LaRoc/Mua/Stargazer
Mascara: Maybelline
Eyeliner: Barry M

This week I thought another make-up post would be interesting. I love improvising with different colours and textures and the amount of looks you can create is endless (which means only more and more make-up posts to come). Make-up is not as restricting as fashion can be which means I can let my imagination run wild, whether that's a good thing or bad thing.

So here's a little sneak peak into my imagination.

This look was inspired by valentines day. I never really go near pink but I thought this could be an exception. I wanted this look to be bright and refreshing - I must admit I do forget that these occasions aren't for fancy dress but regardless, I took advantage anyway. I used a matte white eye shadow on my upper lid before adding light to dark pink eye shadow nearer the edge on my eye. I think this gives a soft illusion and helps avoid block colours.

I decided to opt for a silver liquid eyeliner to keep within the subtle theme of things. I then added some black mascara to open up the eyes and emphasize the lashes. My creativity got the better of me when I went for pink brows. This isn't something I would usually do but I think it's just what the look needed. As I'm a redhead the pink almost looked natural (coloured brows is always something to think about).

This outburst of colour, inspired by Verena Schizophrnia, is something I can't get enough of. I'm usually just a black eyeliner kind of girl but even I can't deny some intensity of colour. To achieve this, I started with a metallic blue liquid eyeliner and used it to create a winged effect. This started at the corner of my eye, over the crease and finally I joined the winged shape at a point which was extended from my lower lash line.

I could then have a bit more fun with it by simply colouring within the lines. To make this a rainbow effect I first used red then orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. To make the gradient flow evenly I used a clean eye shadow brush to gently pat over the colours, this is a huge part in avoiding a harsh amount of colour. To finish this look I added some mascara. The only challenging part of this creation is getting an eye shadow palette with as many of these colours in.

I hope this post gives you some colour inspiration. Stick around for more of my make-up ideas, I've got an endless flow of plans that I can't wait to share.

Lauren x