The Casual Corset

Meet my Hearts and Roses coat. I thought this coat deserved it's own post, it's got so much detail and I've never come across anything like it. When I wear this coat I have the compulsion to let my gothic side take over and of course, you can only embrace it.

The most capturing part of this coat is the corset detail - it looks sophisticated with a sexy edge and it's not just detail, the lace is fully functional so you can make it fit perfectly with your figure. The front of this coat gives the illusion of a classic black mac which only emphasizes the unique design at the back.

The practicality of this coat is it's only downfall. It's made of rather thin material which isn't enough to stand the test of a British winter, so jumpers, a scarf and gloves are advisory. I actually think this is a good thing - a corset looses it's comfort when you're surrounded by thick material.

I think this coat is somewhat of a revelation - it shows that corsets aren't just for fancy dress, they can be incorporated into everyday clothing and I don't know about you, but that's something I want to see more off.

Lauren x

Coat: Attitude Clothing