Intricate Straps

My latest fashion infatuation is, can you guess? Straps.. and this maxi dress is the perfect example of why. The neckline, a simple v-next is brought to life by an overlapping of straps which draws your attention to the cut of the dress.

Going Grunge

As a 90's grunge fan, it was only a matter of time before I turned the genre into a form of fashion inspiration. I'm a believer of music being a huge factor in the way we dress. For this post I could of easily gone for the cliché Nirvana tribute t-shirt, but I decided to go back to it's roots.

Extreme Eyes

Eyeshadow: LaRoc/Mua/Stargazer
Mascara: Maybelline
Eyeliner: Barry M

This week I thought another make-up post would be interesting. I love improvising with different colours and textures and the amount of looks you can create is endless (which means only more and more make-up posts to come). Make-up is not as restricting as fashion can be which means I can let my imagination run wild, whether that's a good thing or bad thing.

So here's a little sneak peak into my imagination.

The Casual Corset

Meet my Hearts and Roses coat. I thought this coat deserved it's own post, it's got so much detail and I've never come across anything like it. When I wear this coat I have the compulsion to let my gothic side take over and of course, you can only embrace it.