Textured Monochrome

After buying this dress, I knew it would at the pinnacle of my next post. It's checkered for one and regardless of the fact that it's a bodycon dress - it fits like a glove. Due to it's light material it acts almost as a second skin, always moving with you, and yet it's not light enough to be transparent. On that note I have a little tip... always look out for thin clothing before it catches you out - specifically leggings!

The main reason I wanted to share this was because it's that 'one of a kind' dress which works in any occasion; work, shopping, pub, just being lazy etc.

My favourite look with this dress has a more casual approach. I added a pair of black opaque tights, white Dr Martens (what else?) and a bowler hat. I actually have a bit of a hat fetish and this bowler hat is just what this monochrome-inspired outfit needed!

To keep the theme flowing, I put on some black lipstick and eyeliner. And it's as easy as that. When it comes to fashion, never hesitate to go monochrome :)

Lauren x

Hat: H&M | Dress: AX Paris | Shoes: Dr Martens