Make-up For The Adventurous

This post is a bit of a random one... I wanted to something creative and fun and I think this hits the spot. I believe fashion and make-up go hand in hand and nothing can be too extreme in my book. I love experimenting with make-up as much as I do with clothes, as this post reveals. So I thought I'd share the outcome of my favourite outbursts of improvisation.

Here is the black chandelier effect. You'll be happy to know that this was achieved by only 2 products - liquid eyeliner and black lipstick. I started this look with simple cat eye, extending it to a point at the inner corner of my eye. I then followed the crease of my eye, just above the crease but just below the brow bone. To add a bit of texture I proceeded to add 3 dots in between the two winged lines. Now, the tricky part. I began with circular shapes that developed into dotted circular shapes and swirls. It sounds complex but just take your time, be patient, have a few make-up wipes spare and you'll achieve anything. I avoided mascara as the look is quite dramatic already. Finally I put on some black lipstick and wa-la!

I love the colour green, partially because it compliments redheads but also because it also complements my eye colour - a green/grey. For this look I began putting on a light green to dark green gradient eye shadow effect to my top eyelid. I always use lighter shades for the inner of the eye to open up the eye that little bit more. I used the darker shade of eye shadow along my lower lash line and outer corner of my eye (the winged effect) to blend the look together and keep it flowing. I then used a grey eye shadow to outline the crease of my eye, making the illusion more dramatic. And of course, to finish, I used a black liquid liner to emphasize my upper eyelid. As for lips, I happened to have a blue/green lipstick ling around that completed this look for the better. This look is so easy to achieve and can be done with any colour you wish.

I have a few more tricks up my sleeve and there will be more make-up looks to come..

Lauren x

Eyeshadows: LaRoc / Manic Panic | Eyeliner: Mua | Black Lipstick: Stargazer | Blue Green Lipstick: Stargazer | Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel London