How to Conquer Layering

As it's the middle on winter and all, I thought it would be helpful to write a post about the concept of layering. I'm actually wearing 4 layers - believe it or not! The first layer is simply a little crop top, over that is one of my favourite fringed pieces (both black of course). I then put a simple black hoodie on top which is always handy when covering up from the rain. And finally, the newest edition to my wardrobe - the denim jacket.

This Iron Fist jacket, is my secret to layering. It's quite thin and yet the perfect size to fit over layers of clothing underneath. The trick is to avoid too many chunky jumpers because you'll struggle to fit in your chosen jacket or coat. Basically you'll end up like Joey from the sitcom Friends, where he decides to wear every item of Chandlers clothing. If you don't get the reference - just google it and you'll understand :)

I also decided to wear my favourite leather look leggings (which admittedly aren't warm compared to my top layers but I'd wear them every day if I could). These leggings go perfectly with a studded belt which I swear will never go out of fashion - or maybe that's just me?

To finalize the outfit I put on some comfy chunky heels, put on some eyeliner and lipstick and I was ready to go.

I love how casual and fitting this outfit is for the cold weather. Hopefully this will create some layering inspiration for you.

Lauren x

Jacket: Iron Fist | Hoodie: Primark | Top: Urban Outfitters | Belt: Attitude Clothing | Leggings: River Island | Shoes: Primark