Dare to Bare

This week brings my backless playsuit. I've never been a huge fan of the playsuit, it's just a one piece dress and shorts combo which usually looks randomly put together but this caught my eye. I bought it around the Christmas months but instead of stashing it away with my bundle of Christmas jumpers, I choose to keep it around.

I love the backless aspect of this, it's subtle and shows just enough skin and most importantly, reveals it all in the right places. If you're not one to wear low cut tops then this is a great alternative. The shorts section is made to look high waisted and has a tailored cut. This balances out the outrageously sequined top half which I think works almost as well as leather and studs.

I chose this setting not because it looks like a scene from the walking dead, (okay, maybe) but the rural background makes a juxtaposition I just couldn't resist creating.

In the world of hair and make-up I decided against over doing it and kept the look more mellow and natural. I didn't even bother with straighteners. This was definitely a good shout because, due to it being pretty windy, it certainly didn't want to be tamed. Regardless how cold this shoot was, I really enjoyed it . Its days like these when I love living in the country side.

Lauren x

Playsuit: Miss Selfridge | Tights: Newlook