Dare to Bare

This week brings my backless playsuit. I've never been a huge fan of the playsuit, it's just a one piece dress and shorts combo which usually looks randomly put together but this caught my eye. I bought it around the Christmas months but instead of stashing it away with my bundle of Christmas jumpers, I choose to keep it around.

How to Conquer Layering

As it's the middle on winter and all, I thought it would be helpful to write a post about the concept of layering. I'm actually wearing 4 layers - believe it or not! The first layer is simply a little crop top, over that is one of my favourite fringed pieces (both black of course). I then put a simple black hoodie on top which is always handy when covering up from the rain. And finally, the newest edition to my wardrobe - the denim jacket.

Textured Monochrome

After buying this dress, I knew it would at the pinnacle of my next post. It's checkered for one and regardless of the fact that it's a bodycon dress - it fits like a glove. Due to it's light material it acts almost as a second skin, always moving with you, and yet it's not light enough to be transparent. On that note I have a little tip... always look out for thin clothing before it catches you out - specifically leggings!

Make-up For The Adventurous

This post is a bit of a random one... I wanted to something creative and fun and I think this hits the spot. I believe fashion and make-up go hand in hand and nothing can be too extreme in my book. I love experimenting with make-up as much as I do with clothes, as this post reveals. So I thought I'd share the outcome of my favourite outbursts of improvisation.