New Year New Festivals

It's early I know, but this year the festival line ups are already looking AMAZING. With that in mind I've constructed one of many festival outfits to come. First things first, shoes. I have found the most perfect pair for the festival season, Dr Martens. But these aren't just any dm's, they are completely waterproof and according to the label, "comfortable and stylish, this is the only boot you'll ever need for the moshpit and the mud". Too good to be true right?

The rest of the outfit is a mismatch of the two necessary aspects of any festival outfit: band shirts and shorts. With the heat of the summer shorts are perfect. As for band tees, I love my Iron Maiden one, it's long sleeved yet baggy enough to comfortably mosh, jump, crowd surf and all the rest of it.

As for my make-up, I kept it simple with a bright red lip lacquer - after all who wants to wear a full face of make-up at a festival? Being practical is the way forward!

I have only one tip for you. When wearing patterned tights in the summer, beware of sunburn and the tan lines you'll gain as a consequence. I've been caught off guard before with the intricate tan lines of all kinds of patterns to show for it.

I love to wear this outfit regardless of the summer but I really can't wait to wear it when the festival season comes around. Keep my essentials and tips in mind. I hope it helps!

Lauren x

Top: Grindstore | Shorts: Topshop | Shoes: Dr Martens