Gingham Galore

While I was pondering on what was going to be my first official blog post I realised, while looking through pretty much everything I own, that I have a lot of black and white gingham pieces - all I'm missing is a pair of shoes and my collection would be complete.

This look, one of my favourites, is something alternative with a 1950's feel to it. Particularly with the head scarf turned head band (a 'how to' blog post will follow). It's pretty simple and can be worn anywhere, providing the British weather makes it so.

The crop top is light and not restricting at all, I could go to the gym in it - if that was something I did of course. I must say, I do have a lot of love for this top because first of all, it's a stretchy fabric and as comfy as pyjamas (okay, almost as comfy). Secondly, it makes the most of your body shape. Never hide it, embrace it!

I paired these 2 gingham pieces with a leather skirt and jacket aka my essentials - which go with absolutely everything! Make-up wise I decided to go for a simple cat eye combined with black lips - the usual.

To add some texture I'm wearing patterned tights and if, like me, you're of a restricted height, heels make a necessary addition. I urge you to add gingham to your wardrobe as I have. I hope you've found inspiration and happy shopping!

Lauren x

Top: Newlook | Hair band: Primark | Leather Jacket: Topshop | Skirt: Attitude Clothing | Shoes: Primark