Velvet Worn My Way

This look is the outcome of my compulsion to shop the January sales. Velvet has definitely been a missing factor in my life and this outfit finally balances out my wardrobe. The moment I saw these high-waisted shorts, I fell head over heels with them! They're vintage yet current and not to mention pretty beyond belief. The lace underlined detail is a match made in heaven against the red/pink velvet.

New Year New Festivals

It's early I know, but this year the festival line ups are already looking AMAZING. With that in mind I've constructed one of many festival outfits to come. First things first, shoes. I have found the most perfect pair for the festival season, Dr Martens. But these aren't just any dm's, they are completely waterproof and according to the label, "comfortable and stylish, this is the only boot you'll ever need for the moshpit and the mud". Too good to be true right?

Gingham Galore

While I was pondering on what was going to be my first official blog post I realised, while looking through pretty much everything I own, that I have a lot of black and white gingham pieces - all I'm missing is a pair of shoes and my collection would be complete.


welcome to my little 'fashion blog project'! I've been wanting to do this for a while now - I love writing and my wardrobe is probably the most interesting thing for me to show the world.

I always get comments about my "quirky" style of clothes, hair, make up and everything in between. So inevitably, I thought it could be something great to show you that, actually, there is more to fashion than what most of the high street shows you.

I want to exploit the world of alternative clothing, make up, hairstyles and whatever else I think is worth sharing. Stick around to delve into the wonders (or weirdness) of my wardrobe. Here's a little sneak peak just for you!

Lauren x